Xpense – Expense Manager


I have recently created an Android app to help people manage their finances


Xpense will help you to manage your daily expenses and analyse them later. Xpense is a simple to use Expense Manager with has a lot of advanced features which will help you analyse your finances. There is very simple Overview Screen which shows you your recent activity, and there is more sophisticated overview in Statistics Screen. You can also use this app as a simple Expense Tracker.

Google Play

Application is available on Google Play:
BetterPickers Samples on Google Play


Application recently got a review on App-liv service. Review is Available here:
Expense Manager (Xpense)

App-liv (App Informations Service)

Appliv -iPhone/Android App Discovery Website


Appliv is an app information service with the mission, “Bringing apps closer to you”. Using Appliv, you can find apps you want from many app reviews such as popular iPhone / iPad game apps, productivity apps, music apps and more. We are planning to provide many updates in the future.


Android Code Generator Plugin for Eclipse


After few years I have finally found some time to refactor (basically rewrite) eclipse plugin written in 2011 (first post and second post).
I think the new plugin is on totally different level. Quite easy to use and very flexible (editable templates – can be modified in Eclipse Preference Pages). The new plugin has a lot of new useful features. I hope you find it useful.

Where to find it

The project is located on github: android-codegenerator-plugin-eclipse
The library with all the logic, that plugin uses is on different repo: android-codegenerator-library

More Informations

More informations about plugin you can find on github information page.

Plans for future

I plan to write such plugin (with the same or extended functionality) for IntelliJ IDEA/Android Studio. I will inform about it on my blog shortly.

Android Studio Pattern Recognition while Refactoring


Not many people know about capabilities of Android Studio. This IDE gives great support for developer if you know how to use it. There are many tips and shortcuts, which makes the programming easy and very quick.
You would be surprised about some of the capabilities.



To show you how good Android Studio is in recognizing patterns in code, I have created short video. The video show how quickly you can change your code, when using IDE’s build-in refactoring methods.
I uploaded it on youtube, you can see it here: Android Studio Method Extraction with Pattern recognition.
If this video will be useful for you I will upload more of them, so please comment.

Resource Strings Formatting in Android

Problem description

It is a very BAD!! practice to use hardcoded strings in java code, when you can use resources from strings.xml in your application. One of the reasons that you should NOT hardcode any strings (not even a dot) is the localization of your app. A problem arise when you want to localize your app to some strange language like Chinese, Japanese etc.


Simple text usage


TextView titleView = (TextView) findViewById(R.id.title);


Content of res/values/strings.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <string name="profile_title">Profile</string>

Code in Activity’s onCreate() method:


(getString() method is available from Context as well as from Fragment objects.)
Even better


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