My next year’s resolution 2012

I have been recently(3 months ago but I didn’t have time for blogging) asked by my employer to fill in „Appraisal Form”. So I got .docx document, with several sections to fill in. It is all about summary of my work since I have been employed and establishing goals till next appraisal. It got me thinking about what I have achieved in last year and what I want to achieve in the next one. I came up with something and I want to publish it, so there is no escape from disappointment(or glory 🙂 ) after not reaching the goals. Evaluation period starts at 1 February 2012 because that is when goals were established.

I tried to establish SMART goals.

Till 1 February 2013 i want to:

  • Publish at least 3 Android applications on Android Market. Only partially achieved. (1 app in which I had major role, was published in Google Play. Beside that I was a main developer in app that had 3 releases to Blackberry Market.)
  • Learn iPhone Development Platform (I do not really know the name) or Python/Ruby, by creating at least 3 applications. Not achieved. (Instead I have done some work in Java EE area. Learnt how to create simple REST webservice. Started simple app to finance managing using Spring, Hibernate. At least 3 programs were written.)
  • Build professional website with my portfolio (or pay someone to do it for me – more capitalistic approach 😛 ). Not achieved.
  • Learn at least 250 Chinese words. Not achieved. (I have stopped learning chinese for now, but I started chinese martial art, and I am motivated to go forward with that.)
  • Write and defend Bachelor Thesis. Not achieved.
  • Publish at least 10 post on my blog. (this one counts 😉 ) Only partially achieved. (For now I have 8 posts and 4 pages.)
  • Follow the Artificial Intelligence class from Stanford University, watch all videos, pass exercises and tests. Not achieved.
  • Read at least 3 english books Only partially achieved.(Only 1 book)

Hope to make verification and establish new objectives February 2, 2013. I will cross of/ put in comment if something from the list has been completed.


2 uwagi do wpisu “My next year’s resolution 2012

  1. I have finally made verifiaction of established goals in February of 2012.
    It looks like I haven’t achieved anything, but I think I just underestimated those tasks. Taking 3 apps to Android market for example, it is very difficault to write an application, especially when you want to do it good. So if I wanted to write 3 good applications in my free time, and put them to market, there wouldn’t be time left for anything else. And when working on commersial projects you don’t have influence over deadlines.
    On the other hand I had time and ideas to write more posts on my blog, and not meeting this requirement hurt me the most.

    To summarize I should establish less, more realistic goals, and try to publish more about what I am working on (hacks, problem solutions, etc.).

    Hope to write „Next year’s resolution” for 2013 till end of March.


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