My next year’s resolution 2013


Till 1 March 2014 i want to:

  • Publish at least 1 Android applications to Google Play. Not achieved (Still working on two applications)
  • Learn Objective-C to develop on iPhone. Create 3 bigger applications (at least one of them client-server, each with at least 15 different screens). Partially achieved (I was working on huge commercial project for half a year)
  • Read at least one English book. Achieved (Two books and a half)
  • Publish at least 10 posts on my blog. Not Achieved (Only 6 posts)
  • Finish the book The „Structure of Production” by Mark Skousen. Not achieved (I but I have read some other books about economics)
  • Get at least 4th student grade in the martial art I am training. Achieved (I got 5th)


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